Why no-one should fear a working mum

  • January 12, 2019
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Over the past three years, I’ve officially been a “working mum”.  However, as far as I am concerned, any changes that ensued with my new status were only for the better.

Having my daughter did indeed transform my world.  I love the excitement my daughter shows for the small things in life, the unconditional love, the endless energy and open curiosity about everything. It makes me appreciate life more, I am more patient than I used to be and more open-minded.

What did not change, however, was my core being and my skills.

In certain quarters, I believe there is still some degree of prejudice against working mums.  Perhaps there’s a fear that in hiring a mum with a young child, an employer will be faced with someone who’s exhausted from a run of sleepless nights? Maybe they worry about their lack of focus and commitment?  Or panic at the thought they’ll have to drop everything if they get that dreaded call from nursery or school, saying that their little one has been poorly?

In my experience, none of these things should be a concern.  Everyone has times in their lives when things get tricky – not just parents.  We’ve all had those moments where we’ve not felt on top form, or when we’ve had to dash out to deal with an emergency: these times are no less prevalent when you’re a parent, I would argue.  On the contrary, as a working mum, you need to be super-organised and always have a plan B, for those rare occasions when things do go pear-shaped.

What’s more, you learn to appreciate your time at work a lot more.  From being thankful for trips to the bathroom without a little person trailing you to feeling empowered by intelligent conversations and personal development – working gives mums that all-important sense of identity and belonging.

And really, who would not want to employ a working mum – full-time, part-time, freelance, whatever capacity – with all the added skills you inevitably acquire with parenthood? I honestly believe that I am even more efficient and ruthless now than before, my attention to detail is better, I am pragmatic, my time management has improved and I appreciate a whole new range of commination channels, media and tools. All this is in addition to the existing skills, experience and knowledge which I acquired prior to the last three years.

Being a mum does not change your skills, it enhances them.  Working mums should be treated just like anyone else with great skills: they are most certainly nothing to fear.

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