Which video marketing style works for you?

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Asked what inspired him to write the cult 1979 hit single Video Killed the Radio Star, songwriter Trevor Horn said it came from the idea that “video technology was on the verge of changing everything”.

37 years later digital video and online content is changing everything again.

The demand for video content is ever increasing.

Here are the facts*:

  • 88% – The average time an internet user spends on a website with video as opposed to without.
  • 50% – Percentage of mobile traffic is used on videos.
  • 80% – Percentage of traffic on the internet in 2019 that will be due to videos.
  • 80% and 64% – Increased rate of conversion of consumers more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
  • 20% – percentage of customers converted to your product by watching a video.
  • 60% – Percentage of viewers likely to watch more than two-thirds of the video.
  • 200% – 300% – Percentage increase in click through rate when video is included in an email.
  • 90% Percentage of the social network’s content that will be video-based by 2018 according to Mark Zuckerberg.
  • 10 seconds – average time taken to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip. Those are the most important 10 seconds of any video.
  • £1K [semi-pro] to £10K [pro] – Average video production cost.

These days it’s not a matter of thinking – “do I need video or not”, but rather thinking what type of video do I need?

And this is the HARD question to answer. I’m often asked by clients what kind of video style would work best for my product or service, how long should it be and of course what will it cost. And it all depends on content.

Video is powerful because packs in a whole lot of information & emotion in a very short time.

But for it to succeed you need to design it well and make it engaging & interactive at the same time – like any good source of information it needs to be memorable.

Here is a outline of the different types of video you can create with reasons they may work for you.


These videos are normally around 1–3 minutes long.

A Brand video speaks about the company as a whole. It represents the values and vision of the company for example; a culture of innovation, why employees love what they do here, why its different.

A Brand video tells people exactly what your company does, for who and why its the best.


  • Target a large audience
  • Specific focus on brand promotion
  • Useful in a run up to a product launch


These videos are normally around 2–4 minutes long.

Call it what you will – Testimonial/Case studies/Customer Profile videos tend to take the form of a mini-documentary format and usually consist of a narrative testimonial or case study from a particularly satisfied or high-profile customer or business partner interjected with cutaways with reference to your product or service.

This customer can endorse your brand by highlighting the positive impact your business has made on your customer’s company. Client testimonials are emotive, creating a greater appeal to other customers seeking validation on your business. Case studies can be used as a way of showcasing your newest campaign and projects or simply highlight the existing achievements of your company.


  • Creates a clear explanation of your business
  • Simple to Design and Produce
  • Offers customer validation for new clients


These videos are normally around 2–3 minutes long.

Traditionally this style of video features one or two people demonstrating how a product is used or a piece to music showing how the product can be used in a real or imagined context.

Product videos have become a popular tool to entice customers by showing them how sexy or simple a product or service is and why you need it in your life.

Product video have been used with great success on sites like Kickstarter to entice customers into backing a new product in development.


  • Focus on a product or service
  • Demonstrate & engage the customer directly
  • Can be used for internal or external product training


These videos are normally around 1–3 minutes long.

Animated videos can be used to promote the more abstract products or services you or your company may provide more effectively then a product video.

Animation can be as simple or as complex as you can afford it to be.

This video style is a fun and captivating way of exhibiting your business and can be particularly effective when anonymity is important or when attempting to add some levity to a difficult or weighty subject.

Animation does require much more planning in the pre-production stage, but this creates a much more efficient and focused finished product.


  •  Useful to highlight abstract products & services
  •  More efficient at communicating a message
  • Animation videos can be more entertaining, visual and memorable


These videos are normally around 2–3 minutes long.

An event video is a style that highlights the success of an event your company has conducted.

Whether used as a platform to launch a new product, an industry event or to simply promote the company, your company & colleagues have more then likely invested a lot of time, energy and money into making your event great!

So why not capture it and share the excitement to your followers and prospective new customers who could not attend.

This type of video is perfect to showcase the excitement and buzz from your special event.

It can be used to great effect to remind existing customers how amazing your events are and build excitement for future attendance.

Often customers are interviewed at these events and often give very positive opinions and offer great feedback & advertising for future events.


  • Give your events more coverage online
  • Highlight particularly successful events
  • Create excitement and build up to future events

Written by Byron Wijayawardena, a seasoned producer of content and has over 15 years of experience in many aspects of digital content production, workflow and post production both technically and creatively.

He is always looking to push the boundaries with stories and messages. 

Want to create your own piece of brilliant branded content contact Byron at byronw888@gmail.com.


*Source of statistical information:




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