The Brand Value

A brand is much more than just a logo, strapline and set of graphics

Getting your brand right is vitally important. Businesses are increasingly creative and savvy in their approach and your brand proposition can make or break your growth and profits.

Brands are rooted in values.

A brand is much more than just a logo, strapline and set of graphics – although these are all important elements of the mix. Brand is about how you want your customers to view you and respond to you. For example, do you want to be seen as traditional or quirky? Bold or safe? Define your values first and the visuals of your brand will follow.

Brand audit

If you’re struggling to come up with a brand you love or you’re thinking of re-branding, then we can help with a brand audit. We do some thorough research about what your positioning is in the market, versus your competitors. We also look at brand awareness, which can be done through social media monitoring and/or surveys and focus groups.

Driving engagement

We can look at how you’re driving engagement, across all media platforms. Then, we can look at the building blocks of your brand: logo, visual identity, social presence, personality. Or, if you simply want to update or refresh your look to strengthen your existing brand, we can advise on the best course of action.


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