How to build a sophisticated and successful email marketing campaign

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Email marketing remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools for meeting a range of business objectives, which may include attracting new clients, building customer loyalty, enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales.

However, it’s not simply a case of sending off an email and waiting for those leads to come in. Companies have caught on to the effectiveness of a great email campaign and if you want to get noticed, you have to invest time to ensure that your messages can stand out from the crowd – not become destined for the trash folder. Here are our top five tips for ensuring your email marketing campaign is as sophisticated – and successful – as possible.

  1. Target your emails

You must focus on what your readers need, first and foremost.  And one size rarely fits all.  Your readership may have to be segmented, so that you can reach specific target groups separately.  Adding personalisation is really important, too.  You can be more inventive than simply including someone’s name.  Nowadays, with the right tools and advice, you can create more persuasive content by adding in a recipient’s location, or even reference to the last item they purchased from you.  This level of detail will immediately resonate with the reader, who knows that this is content relevant to them, as opposed to a ‘blanket’ email to your entire database.

  1. Make it look professional

It’s worth investing in creating a truly professional and eye-catching template that will make the right impact.  There are a number of options out there in terms of the platform you use and the features you can include.  At 55 Connect we have extensive experience in email campaigns and are therefore familiar with the pros and cons of each.    As well as choosing the right platform, you need to consider a number of other elements, including quality of images, a catchy headline, tone of voice and brand alignment.

  1. Always test

All email clients will interpret the HTML code used in your email differently.  This may appear like something of a minefield, but at 55 Connect we can show you how different email templates will be received by the various email providers and devices.  This kind of testing will reassure you that your email will look fantastic, regardless of how your end user receives it.

  1. Measure

It is vital to include some measurement tools in your email campaigns, so that you can keep track of how many emails are opened, what the click-through rates are, the number of unsubscribes, and so on.  This will enable you to better target your communications and gather data about what does and does not work.

  1. Grow your email list

There are many ways in which you can build up your subscribers.  Aside from the traditional sign-up forms, you should incorporate your email marketing into your social media strategy and consider offering competitions and free information for download, such as white papers or “how-to” guides.

If you invest time in considering all of the above when creating an email marketing campaign, you will be confident of meeting your business objectives and enjoy an exceptional level of ROI.

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