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Digital Marketing

Is your business up to speed with digital marketing? The first thing to consider is what digital marketing actually is. To put it…
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Where do I start?

Overwhelmed by the vastness of marketing? Don’t be! Trying to tackle everything at once is daunting, and can put businesses off trying any…
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A Business Health Check – Your Marketing Audit

When you’re planning any kind of marketing activity, conducting a marketing audit is a vital first step to ensuring your sales activities are…
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Targeted communication plans to see you through difficult times

Today’s business climate makes it tough for everyone – big or small customers all notice the pinch! To make sure your business survives…
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Customer Loyalty – don’t underestimate it!

It is said that it costs 5 times more to get a new customer instead of retaining a current customer. Yet why is…
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The Art of Communication

Most businesses I speak to tell me they regularly communicate with their customers, yet when I ask the customers they want to hear…
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tangle of computer wires

Social Media – do you need to be part of the latest hype?

Social media is a fairly new phenomenon within marketing. It is an interesting concept, which cannot be ignored by a marketers or anyone…
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Why have so many of us forgotten about Business Etiquette?

It seems that as the digital world explodes around us general good manners and business etiquette is forgotten. What makes good manners less…
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Do you need marketing?

Every organisation – no matter how big or small does need a marketing function. Marketing is much more than the odd advert or…
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Purple Keyboard keys that spell the word Change, with a picking the letter A

Handling Change – marketing has a key role to play

In today’s turbulent economic climate every business is constantly undergoing change to remain successful.  By battling change it is very easy to forget…
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