An effective online presence to attract and grow business

A business website is an absolute must in today’s digital world. You don’t need to have an elaborate, all-singing-all-dancing site, you just need it to deliver what your audience is looking for – whether that’s information, a way to purchase your product or service, access to support or a way to contact you.

Effective marketing is designed to drive visitors to your website, and effective web design should ensure that it’s easy for those visitors get what they need while they’re there. Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools, and should include:

  • Responsive design – essential for a consistent user experience
  • Newsletter sign-up – for continued marketing efforts
  • Appropriate SEO tools – to optimise your presence in search
  • Links to social media profiles – providing further engagement opportunities once a user has left the site
  • Powerful imagery – striking visuals to keep visitors interested for longer

At 55 Connect, we can build and design websites from scratch, host and support or simply develop your current website.