Lead Nurturing

Ensuring you secure those sales

Lead nurturing should be a core component of any marketing plan; it’s not simply a sales strategy. It is vital that you come up with creative and engaging methods of nurturing a potential customer throughout the whole buying process, if you wish to maximise your chances of conversion.

New leads, very early on in the buying cycle, may not be ready to make a firm decision, and need lots of information and handholding: and this is where marketing should really take the reins; nurturing that lead, providing information, and remaining in regular communication.

Responding to leads

Responding to leads isn’t just a case of defining where your lead might be in the buying process. It’s also about maintaining consistency, brand identity and credibility.

Marketing teams can be frustrated by passing on leads and finding that they haven’t been followed up in a timely manner. Sales teams, on the other hand, resent leads that they feel are not qualified or useful. As such, it is important for sales and marketing to work closely together and agree a workable process.

At 55 Connect, we can help you to establish a suitable lead nurturing strategy that effectively merges sales and marketing efforts, as well as advising on key messaging, supporting materials and timings.