Digital marketing

Support customers throughout the buying cycle

55 Connect can help you manage and deliver the right digital marketing campaigns – large or small – to meet your business objectives. We offer expertise in each of the following: social media, SEO, blogs, videos and email marketing.

Social media

Social media is a vital component of any marketing campaign nowadays and end users rely heavily on these platforms during the research and buying process. Here are just a few reasons why having a presence across the key social areas is essential:

  • Facebook: 28% of SMEs polled by Sage in 2014 use Facebook as a key method of connecting directly with consumers
  • Twitter: online audiences like quick, snappy information. Topical tweets and back-and-forth engagement are particularly effective.
  • Google+: features such as hubs and communities allow for excellent consumer engagement
  • LinkedIn: often considered the more “serious” platform. LinkedIn groups contain a wealth of intelligent, receptive users.

We can help you to formulate the appropriate social media marketing strategy for your business. Additionally, we can develop your core social media offering to ensure that you capture new sales leads and enhance relationships with existing customers.

Social media is also becoming increasingly prominent in search engine results, making it an integral part of any SEO campaign.


There are many great reasons why you should have a blog. Some of the ways in which you can use one include:

  • Promoting your business
  • Announcing your news
  • Sharing information or tips
  • Connecting with your customers
  • Improving your website’s SEO

Blogging is all about conversations, not eloquent journalism or fancy prose. If you so choose, you can invite comments from your readers and respond to them, if appropriate.

While many businesses are turning their attention towards social media, there are clear benefits for keeping a blog on your website as well. The content is more easily accessible and can be more timeless. Moreover, blog content often ranks highly in the search engines and can be just as easily shared by your readers.

We can help you to set up your blog, advise on content and provide an editorial calendar. We can also offer copywriting services to make your blog content truly compelling and effective.


With consumer technology becoming more sophisticated and widespread, video has become a core feature of many successful marketing campaigns. But with so many businesses competing for their audience’s attention, it is more important than ever that yours is the best it can be. A concise and engaging video will increase conversion rates and is a very effective way of explaining complex matters in a digestible form.

Videos can also be a great way of boosting your website’s SEO and reaching out to your followers on social media.

At 55 Connect we can direct, edit and enhance your video content – and optimise it for use on the web.

Email marketing

Studies indicate that 84% of businesses have never sent an email to their client database, yet a survey conducted by Epsilon found that 54% of people have a more positive attitude to companies that send them emails.

What’s more, 71% said that, when shopping, they always remember emails that a company has sent them. It’s clear that email marketing is a powerful tool, especially for brand awareness. It’s pretty cost-effective too – the Direct Marketing Association found that, on average, every pound spent on email marketing generated a return of £26.

The key features of an effective marketing email campaign are that it is customised, relevant and interesting. The more demographic data you collect during the email sign-up process, the more you can identify different parts of your database to receive specifically targeted content.

Content for email campaigns generally follows some key themes:

  • Information about new or updated products
  • Details about sales and promotions
  • Post-purchase emails that detail similar or recommended products, to encourage further spend
  • Discount codes, targeted to customers who haven’t been active for a defined period of time, to encourage them to revisit your website
  • Tips related to your products, to inspire customers who need a push to make a purchase

With our vast experience in email marketing campaigns, we can help you plan, write and manage your mail to ensure that your emails lead to sale conversions, not the trash folder!