The main objective of 55 Connect® is to empower you to develop a clear and targeted marketing plan whilst assisting you in managing the various elements without being resource heavy to you!


How we do it

55 Connect will take time to understand your business, your market and what you want to achieve. We will then recommend the best marketing disciplines for you and assist in carrying out all the required elements.

Working with 55 Connect will provide you and your organisation with a range of advantages, including;

  • Local expertise within marketing communications
  • Focus on marketing communications and campaigns only
  • Flexibility
  • Years of brand experience working for leading brands
  • No hidden agency fees
  • No other agency distraction is part of the business, such as graphic designer, advertising etc. The focus is clear and concise. 55 Connect can, of course, assist with recruitment and managements of such agencies if required by the client.

55 Connect provides a personal, tailored solution that meets each client’s budgets and resources.

We are there to support your business, help you focus on your area of expertise – simply let us do the rest!

Press Release


Choosing the right words for your marketing campaign is critical for success. Copy should be inspiring, exciting and aligned with your company values. We can produce compelling content for any online or offline media. Read more


Your website is your shop window and should give visitors an instant feel for what you’re all about. Too many potential customers are lost through poor website management. We can ensure that your website looks great, functions perfectly and most importantly – keeps visitors wanting more. Read more

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is all about increasing the visibility of your company, products and services online and compelling people to buy, recommend and return to your site time and time again. We offer expertise in both SEO and PPC/SEM campaigns. Read more


With expertise in branding, graphic design and logos, we can produce compelling sales and marketing collateral to ensure you promote the right image for your business. This includes (but is not limited to) brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters, annual reports, advertising and exhibition stands. Read more


We can assist with all aspects of event management, from planning and branding through to on-hands assistance with event co-ordination. Just some of the events we work on include PR launches, corporate entertainment, off-site training days, company parties, conferences and exhibitions. Read more


We offer a strategic marketing consultancy that blends our commercial expertise, sound judgment and wide-ranging experience to help you formulate the right marketing strategy for your business, ensuring maximum ROI. Read more

Marketing Audits

A marketing audit should always be the first stage of any marketing plan. We can help you by taking an in-depth review of your business as well as looking at the competition and any external factors which may affect demand for your products or services. You are then in a strong position to choose the right marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. Read more

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing helps by providing your leads with a steady and relevant flow of information that is carefully designed to influence them towards buying your product or service. With our help, you can reduce the number of leads lost due to lack of follow-up information and move more leads down the sales funnel automatically. Read more