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Email marketing remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools for meeting a range of business objectives, which may include attracting new clients, building customer loyalty, enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales. However, it’s not simply a case of sending off an email and waiting for those leads to come in. Companies have caught […]

Your brand is your most visible asset, and it should add value to your business. It’s not just about your logo – although logos are often the face of your brand – it’s an idea, an image and even a personality. Think about it, if I mention Apple, Google or McDonalds, you probably see an […]

Converting inbound leads into online purchases is often seen as a domain of the sales team.  However, marketing has a huge role to play – particularly when it comes to understanding the customer journey – and so the two disciplines should work together collaboratively, to maximise revenue and profit. There are two key ingredients to […]

With the rise of online marketing, email marketing and social media marketing continuing apace, adding the often-overlooked element of customer segmentation into the mix is more vital than ever, if you want your brand to truly succeed.  It’s an evolving area of marketing, and it’s important to frequently review and challenge your strategy. It is […]

A strong communication plan can make or break a change programme.  If it’s an internal change, you need your employees to buy into it and feel involved and informed from start to finish.  If it’s something which you need to broadcast externally, you want to hit the right audience with the right messages at the […]

Over the past three years, I’ve officially been a “working mum”.  However, as far as I am concerned, any changes that ensued with my new status were only for the better. Having my daughter did indeed transform my world.  I love the excitement my daughter shows for the small things in life, the unconditional love, […]

Data protection. It may not sexy, but it certainly is a hot topic – and it is so vitally important to get it right. Ignoring the issue or not taking adequate steps to protect your customers’ data could end up costing you dearly. Customers want to know that their data is safe.  Following a number […]

Strategies your business NEEDS to make Black Friday a success! Many SMEs think that they can’t compete with the retail giants when it comes to Black Friday and so may not even bother to get involved. But by adopting some very simple marketing techniques they can actually make it a success and generate momentum into […]